Herman’s jig is up!!!

Once again it has been a while since my last post, please forgive.

With that being said I guess the most obvious groundbreaker in the GOP slew is that Hermie has officially cancelled his campaign. For months now, women have been coming out of the wood work professing their scandalous relations with the Godfather of pizza. At first I thought it was kind of amusing, especially when I noticed how closely Bialek resemebled Stiffler’s mom from American pie. I guess he likes the pampered house kitty look…

They could be bobsies!

Anyhoo, Cain was doing a pretty good job shushing all the rumors…until this last one, Ginger White, came out and professed their thirteen year affair. The way things have shaped up he could give Tiger a run for his money! This time, however, Cain couldn’t recover and had to close up shop.

All jokes aside, while it was mildly amusing to witness the Cain Train coming out one by one, it’s ironic that Cain is destroyed by this when Newt has been no stranger to cheating. That fat cat has a long list of infidelity over the years. In fact, he was pretty famous for serving his cancer-stricken first wife divorce papers while in the hospital to go shack up with his mistress. Classy. Especially for a guy who wants to talk about his family values campaign. Spare me! Regardless, we don’t elect Presidents based off of loyalty in their marriage (I think Clinton cleared the way for that!), we elect them for their honest voting record and their resolve to protect us. Right?

You’d be surprised… I’m a little frustrated because over the last few weeks I have talked with a lot of random friends over where they stand with the upcoming elections, and I have found a lot of similar responses when I mention Ron Paul.

“Oh yeah, I love Ron Paul. He’ll never win, though.”

Seriously, what the hell is that? People tell me how brilliant they think he is and point by point why they like him, and then say they’ll probably just vote for Romney or something. This just blows my mind. What kind of mentality is that? What’s even worse, if I pry for more detail on why Romney or Gingrich, they have no answer for me. Just because.

He can win. If you vote for him! Ron Paul is in second place in Iowa and third place in New Hampshire. This is awesome! He has gained so much momentum recently. Not only that, he has been very steady throughout this entire race. He means what he says and his philosophy is unwavering. I think that we honestly have a really good chance.

Another point of contempt I have is when I hear people say that they like him for his domestic policy and economic plans, but they don’t support his beliefs on foreign policy. Let me explain something. If you support his domestic policy and his economics, then you support the same foreign policy. The reason being is that we cannot afford to maintain these stupid wars and endless ventures overseas. If you want to improve things here at home, you have to scale back the size of government as well as cut back money spent abroad. These two ideas run hand in hand.

It’s important now more than ever to stay strong in this race. Please continue the fight for Ron and for liberty!

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Herman Cain’s new creeper ad

If you haven’t see Herman Cain’s confusing new ad, check it out

What the shit is this??? This is his groundbreaking new ad? What is with his creepy face at the end? And Mark Block, his Chief of Staff, haven’t I seen that guy on To Catch A Predator? This is who the media is promoting as the big frontrunner right now? Sheesh, thanks but no thanks!

There have been some pretty big developments with Ron Paul, however. Ever since he released his new Restore America plan more and more people have been rallying behind him. Sure the critics will say that his plan is too drastic because he plans to cut $1 trillion the first year, but people are starting to come out of the woodwork and support him. Paul proposes to cut big government agencies that are deficient and costly to American citizens– Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and Education. He also wants to greatly reduce military spending. (Keep in mind that there is a profound difference between military spending and defense.) Naysayers like to make it seem like the only way that we can balance the budget is through raised taxes, but Ron Paul is literally the only one who is proposing to actually CUT spending and bureaucratic departments. He is the only candidate that is not just talking about “spending, spending, spending”. He gets it. Why is the burden always on the taxpayers to restore the economy when it is the big, greedy bureaucracies that destroyed it in the first place? The other candidates are trying to attack his plan, but as usual, they stay pretty surface. I couldn’t believe my ears when I discovered that Rush Limbaugh recently endorsed him, saying he thought that his plan is the only one that will work. Sean Hannity also endorsed him and his new budget cuts, and Sarah Palin endorsed his position on international militarism. This is good news! People are starting to come around.

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Obama’s latest ploy

I know I have been a dirtball for not posting anything in the last month, and for that I am very sorry. There’s a lot to cover regarding what all has gone on but hopefully y’all have been following along by now.

So I guess I will start with the latest “groundbreaker.” Yesterday President Obama announced that our mission in Iraq is finished and we will be pulling out by the end of the year. Now that Moammar Gadaffi has been assassinated it is finally safe to come home from Iraq. Ah, finally! A sigh of relief….or is it? Is that it? Really? We have been in Iraq for over ten years and lost almost 5,000 American soldiers and that is our resolve? What a wash! I hate to tell you, but pulling out of Iraq is hardly an accomplishment. We are still occupying Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and most recently, Uganda. By the way, can someone please tell me what we are doing in Uganda? That smells fishy to me. I don’t think that Obama is doing us any favors by taking us out of Iraq. Honestly I think his approval ratings are so low right now that he is grabbing at anything to make people like him again. He is looking for another big headline for his name, just like the Osama Bin Laden assassination. Don’t be fooled, though. This American militarism is going to continue on an on, whether we can afford it or not, and it is going to continue to crush us.

While on the topic of militarism, I think it’s important to notice some major points with the current Republican prez candidates. As the debates are getting closer together and more concentrated, it appears that a lot of the candidates platforms are bleeding into one another. For example, pretty much everyone running has joined the End the Fed train (even our current golden boy Cain, former Federal Reserve Chairman. Be sure to google that gem if you haven’t already.) Well that’s good, at least everyone has realized how destructive the Federal Reserve has been. Also, everyone says they are all for cutting spending and lowering the debt. One area of disconnect still remains with our militarism in the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. They may say that they want to pull out of Iraq, but then they support going into Iran, or whatever the next stupid war of the week is. Ron Paul is the only guy who wants to completely pull out of everything. He is the only one that understands what all of this spending overseas has cost us, how much we have lost. He is the only one that understands that spreading ourselves so thin across the globe is really hurting us. It was just a month or two ago that Connecticut was hit by a hurricane and we had no Black Hawk helicopters because they were all in Afghanistan. People want to talk about defense right now, well how well defended are we really when all of our boys are overseas for years on end?

Why is it that so many people still support us running over to every crook and cranny of the globe to “spread democracy and the American way?” That is so stupid! Ron Paul has always raised the point “What would we say if China came over here and sat in the Gulf of Mexico?” I mean, really, we would have a kanipshin! So why do we think that the rest of the world supports us behaving that way?

And do people think money grows on trees? We are broke! I think we have all noticed by now. So why do we still support boosting other countries economies with these stupid wars. We are only hurting ourselves, wasting trillions of dollars.

The time has come to pull out of all the haphazard war efforts and concentrate on rebuilding our own economy. Ron Paul has always emphasized the Constitution, and how dangerous it is to ignore it. It is unconstitutional to go to war without a declaration of war, and this is exactly why. It was written so because if you go into one war without a declaration of war then you will go into another without a declaration of war. And then another and then another. And the wars don’t end. As the world turns there will be another to replace Gadaffi and Bin Laden, and the cycles will continue. What do you think our role in the world is? I mean really think about it. Is it really our place to continue overextending ourselves like this? Do we feel any safer for it? What are we gaining? What have we gained from ten years and over4,500 men lost in Iraq? You decide.

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So I just got back from the Constitution Day Celebration in Freeport Texas where….I met…Ron Paul!!!!!!!! Oh my god I’m still pinching myself! I have probably listened to every one of his speeches but something about him standing twenty feet away from me just left me completely enamored all over again. I was totally star struck! I’m officially resisting the urge to cover my car in Ron Paul bumper stickers and run out and get a RonPaul2012 tramp stamp. Just kidding… But seriously, this guy is the real deal. I cannot urge people enough to look into him, or look into whoever you’re interested in period. The best thing about listening to RP is that he literally speaks from his heart. He doesn’t read anything off of a paper. He doesn’t badmouth the other candidates. He just starts talking about these problems and how we need to fix them.

Not the greatest picture but I'll take it!

Unfortunately I was really busy this week and didn’t have much time to blog about the Tea Party debate on Monday, but don’t think I forgot. It’s so important for us to be watching these debates, but even more than that, doing our own research. Debra Medina was speaking tonight as well, and she was talking about how if we aren’t happy with someone that is in office, it’s not their fault, it’s ours. She is absolutely right. At some point we need to start acting like grown-ups. We need to start being responsible for ourselves. We need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. If you want to complain every day about what a crappy job Obama is doing as President, then that is up to you to change that. If we are electing people without knowing their voting record, or how they react to certain issues, how can we expect to be happy with their actions? How can we expect them to serve our best interest?

On Monday night Rick Perry said that he thinks it’s very important for us to bring our troops home quickly and safely, and immediately after he said that he said it is still important for us to keep a presence in the Middle East. Um, what?? That right there should tell people that this guy is NOT someone we can seriously consider as a presidential candidate. He had a tough time on Monday night, though. He took quite a beating from all sides. Unfortunately for Rick, it doesn’t look like people are just going to forget about his little HPV mandate for twelve year old girls.  That one just doesn’t look too good on paper. At the last debate, his response to the HPV issue was “I hate cancer.” Does Rick Perry really hate cancer? Or does he just really like his friends in the pharmaceutical companies slipping cash in his back pockets? In this debate he said “At the end of the day I’m always going to err on the side of life.” What about all those executions, Rick? I can really see how you err on the side of life, just like I can see how you’ll bring our troops home and rebuild our economy. He wants to tell you how he knows more about border control and immigration than anyone else, but he fails to mention his Texas Dream Act, where he lets illegal immigrants pay instate tuition. This guy is really a mess.

I really didn’t think that Rick Santorum could make himself look any stupider. But I was wrong. He tried to attack Ron Paul by saying that he had something on his website that blamed the United States for 9/11. This idea has got to end. Literally, Rick Santorum thinks that Iraqis just flew over here and crashed into our buildings on 9/11 because they are so jealous of how free and rich we are. The scary thing is that there are still a lot of people who think this way. Literally the exact same situation played out in 2008 when Rudy Giuliani tried to do the same thing. It didn’t work out too well for Giuliani.

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s time to open our eyes. We were dropping bombs on Iraq for something like ten years before 9/11. What do we expect? For years these people saw us killing their women and children, bombing their homes and businesses, and one day they had enough. We have been in Iraq after 9/11 for ten years now. There were no weapons of mass destruction, so why didn’t we come home? Now we are there to spread democracy? I mean do people really still believe this? If you ask five people to tell you why they think we are in Iraq, I bet you will get five different answers. What does that tell you? Not only are we in Iraq but we are at war with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya. That’s five wars that we are involved in right now! I don’t understand why people aren’t flipping out over this. Not to mention that we have no money. Our economy is flat broke, yet we are spending billions on these wars. For Rick Santorum to stand behind his podium and tell me that he doesn’t believe that 9/11 was blowback from our own actions, he might as well tell me that he believes in the tooth fairy.

On another note, I have finally uncovered Rick Santorum’s true identity.

If you thought it was hard taking him seriously before..

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Reagan Library Debate

While it was easy to be frustrated after Ron Paul was ignored for the whole Reagan Library debate on Wednesday, as usual, this is the nature of the game. I mean, four questions in two hours?? Whatever, he still managed to beat everyone else in the online polls. It certainly wasn’t shocking to see them snub him again as they have so many times before. The purpose of the debate that night was to promote Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as the two biggest candidates.

Speaking of Rick Perry, what kind of grown man that is hoping to be the next President of the United States, goes on national television and says he doesn’t believe in science? He says he doesn’t support science because it’s inconclusive. Ok so he doesn’t believe in science, but he does however, believe in cancer research, including mandating HPV vaccines for twelve year old girls. Doesn’t that count as science? He opposes abortion, but then he supports the death penalty. Which, by the way, I have to point out how creepy the audience reaction was to that question. Why were those people in the audience cheering? Brian Williams asked Perry if out of all the 234 people that have been executed in the state of Texas, he ever worried that someone might have been innocent. He explained that of course he never worries about that. Oh yes, because we all know how flawless our judicial system is! Regardless, the audience was applauding his response to how many people are convicted to the death penalty in Texas. That’s a bit unsettling. It was obvious that this was his first time in the debates because he had a very difficult time answering questions. I’m not sure whether this was due to inexperience or lack of intelligence, but I suspect it was a combination of the two. When RP confronted him about how he supported Hillarycare, Perry’s response was to bring up a letter Ron Paul wrote to Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Ugh, nice try Rick. Needless to say, his big debate debut was a flop. I hardly think his ignorant, good ol’ boy approach to the issues is what the people will respect. Here are some pictures that were taken during a commercial break. Apparently Perry had some choice words with Ron Paul. All I can say is if he grabbed my arm and stuck his finger in my face, I would have to snap it off and shove it up his ass for him. What a jerk!

Rick keepin' it classy

Mitt Romney was his usual self, greased up and ready to go. True to fashion, he dodged questions about his health care plan as he always does. I’m not sure how much time was wasted on the bickering between him and Perry, but I can only hope that the general public will notice where the network’s priorities lie. He also mentioned something about how not enough people in this country pay taxes. I thought he had just released a new plan that will reduce taxes? I guess he’s still got his flippy floppies on.

Bachmann was a snooze this go-around. Looks like her little Iowa high is over. All she did was repeat points that Ron Paul had already made and talk about her 700 foster children.

Newt makes me laugh every time because he’s snappy with the mediators. While it was nice of him to bring up how Republicans should all support each other and ring-around-the-rosey so that at least one of them is elected, it shows that it’s more important for him that a Republican resume office than for the issues we are caught in to be resolved. It’s not the most important thing for just any Republican to win the election. Another idiot president is another idiot president, whether Democrat or Republican. And that is something we simply cannot afford!

Santorum was just as forgettable as always. His podium keeps getting farther and farther out of view. I think next time it will be in an electrical closet or something. He reminds me of the stapler guy from Office Space that gets fired but nobody tells him so he just keeps showing up.

I like Herman Cain, and even some of his ideas. He just doesn’t have what it takes.

And Jon Huntsman doesn’t have a shot in hell.

The reason why it’s so frustrating when they blackball Ron Paul like this is because I know exactly why they do it. It’s so obvious. He is way too smart and he knows way too much and these news stations can’t handle that. They want to promote the other candidates for their own personal interests. They don’t ask RP the more difficult questions because they know that he will blow them all out of the water. I was happy to see Ron backtrack at one point when finally given an opportunity to speak. He called them out on the fact that he spent his career as a medical doctor yet they wouldn’t dare ask him a question about health care. Then they all want to sit there and squabble over immigration issues, but RP is the only one intelligent enough to connect the dots and explain that we are going to continue having immigration problems so long as we keep giving immigration benefits. There is not one candidate up there that was equipped to go against him on any of those issues. There is not one candidate up there that even knows enough about the issues! I mean these people are honestly dubbing and blurbing what they have heard and repeating it back to us. I could do that! That’s why they skip him all the time, because if they include him in the hard questions he makes everyone else look bad. It’s fine though, we will keep working just as hard!

Here’s a clip from the death penalty question with Rick Perry.

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Romney’s flavor of the week

This weekend Mitt Romney will be on the Tea Party Express bus tour in New Hampshire to join the “Restore America” tour. Whhhat? Since when is Romney a part of the tea party?! He has never participated in anything tea party and all of the sudden he wants to join the tea party train? This guy is such a joke, I can’t believe he is still being taken seriously. He reminds me of a mix between Guy Smiley from the Muppet Babies and Zoolander. Weird. I think it’s apparent that he will swing whichever way the wind blows for some extra votes.

If you want to know what kind of politician he is, here are just a few examples that should really show his character:

He constantly criticizes how President Obama’s programs have failed Americans, even though Obamacare was modeled after his own health care plan for the state of Massachusetts. He has since made great efforts to evade questions about health care in debates and interviews. If you are not familiar with this, simply google Obamneycare, or his healthcare plan for Massachusetts.

Several months ago, he stated that he supports military action in Libya and sending American troops there.

Then in June he said we need to “bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can.” This should demonstrate how disjointed his understanding of foreign policy is. I’m looking at his campaign website right now and under his Foreign Policy page it says that “The United States faces numerous challenges abroad. China is emerging, Russia is resurgent, and radical, violent jihadists seek our destruction. We must rise to these challenges to preserve our interests and promote peace.” So which is it, Mitt? This is the last kind of president we need right now, we can’t afford any more screw ups in foreign policy.

During the debt-ceiling debate back in July, Romney was no where to be found. He copped out of the entire issue until the very last day and then voiced his opposition to the final decision. Then he immediately slammed Obama saying it was all his fault, and in true Romney style, in another interview, said it wasn’t all his fault.

He is a very weak debater. I think you will notice that he relies heavily on ducking and dodging questions in every single debate. He has many times rolled over in debates to McCain, Huckabee, and Paul. I have seen him bow down in interviews to local reporters. Impressive. We really need someone with some fire, we need someone with ideas and values that they believe in and that they are willing to stand up for no matter who they are talking to. The last thing I want is some slicked up pussycat with my future in his hands. Seriously, he is the kind of guy who probably gets mani/pedis with his wife. Gross.

Have you ever known someone that is just such a liar? I mean really, like even the stupidest lies that serve no purpose. You know, those “white lies.” That is Mitt Romney. For example, there is one interview that he boasts about what a big game hunter he has been for his entire life. Then you will find another interview where he explains that, no, he’s actually not a very big hunter, he only hunts rodents and such. What?? What an idiot. You will see him play good cop, bad cop with every issue that is pressing at the time. We need someone in office who has the intelligence and vision for what America really needs, not some guy who is trailing behind the curve. Also, you’ll notice that he is quite an opportunist. Whatever can serve him the most at the time is what he supports, which I suspect explains his newfound interest in the tea party. I have seen absolutely no integrity or ingenuity when it comes to Mitt Romney.

After being asked about an incident where he strapped his Irish setter to the roof of his car for a twelve hour road trip, he replied “PETA is not happy that my dog likes fresh air.” Lovely.

Even with the economy failing, the stock market plunge a few weeks ago, and sky high unemployment rates, Romney is currently quadrupling the size of one of his $12 million beach homes. This is a huge red flag. This guy has no understanding of the needs of Americans or how to be a leader. He has many times made jokes in interviews and press releases about being unemployed, even though he is filthy rich. No one laughs. He just doesn’t get it. He can’t relate to average Americans and I don’t trust him with our future, and neither should you.

Too bad this election isn’t only focused on lonely old ladies who just want a silver fox to vote for-he’d be a shoe-in. Fortunately, the proof is in the pudding. Let’s go back and watch some Romney videos and see where his values are.

This website is awesome Multiple Choice Mitt

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Corn Dog Politics

Since the picture of Michele Bachmann going to town on a giant corn dog was such a hit, here’s more where that came from.

Here she is again, working on that monster.

Her husband Marcus, playing cutesy games with his...

Rick Perry's got a honker. I don't know about you, but this is how we treat corn dogs down in Texas.

I'll get you next time Romney. I'll get you next time...

Gettin down on a frank.

And for dessert….

A Santorum sundae

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What kind of name is Dannel, anyways?

Today on American Morning, Christine Romans interviewed Governor of Connecticut Dannel Malloy. Malloy explained the hardships that the state is currently going through after Hurricane Irene last weekend. Romans asked Malloy how he felt about Ron Paul’s latest comments about the failing efforts of FEMA, and Malloy said he thinks he is an idiot. I think Dannel Malloy is an idiot.

Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I am no stranger to hurricanes. I cannot count how many major hurricanes have hit Florida in the last twenty years. (Hurricane Andrew, Charlie, Francis, Wilma, to name drop a few.) Even more than that, I spent the last year living in Galveston, which was absolutely destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008. I mean destroyed. The island is still not the same. Can I tell you that there are people in Galveston who are just now, or have not even, gotten reimbursements from FEMA to rebuild their houses.

After Hurricane Katrina, FEMA was late and uprepared (I think we can all remember the stories about the Superdome conditions.) After Hurricane Ike, food and water operations were reported to be very inefficient. Rebuilding efforts after the devastating tornadoes in Joplin Missouri have been put on hold. The worst part is that most people don’t realize that the majority of the people who apply for help after these disasters are denied.

Forgive me if I’m critical on someone who has probably just experienced the first hurricane of his life and considers himself an expert on FEMA. To give you a good idea of what kind of politician he is, I’ll remind you that he supports progressive social measures and suffers from low approval ratings in his own state due to relying heavily on tax increases instead of spending cuts. Ron Paul has been Congressman of a Gulf Coast district for twelve terms. I would bet the farm that he is pretty familiar with the nuts and bolts of FEMA, as well as its shortcomings.

Malloy said, “For someone who’s state has actually escaped this problem, for someone in Texas to be talking about FEMA, perhaps being defunded does rise to idiocy, perhaps hypocrisy. What state has benefited more than Texas over the years from declarations of disasters?” He is obviously not aware that RP votes against more FEMA money in his district. This proves that Malloy is too obtuse to understand the point that Ron Paul is trying to make. RP understands that FEMA has to get it’s money from somewhere, and for a program that can’t afford to be spending like this we have to make cuts somewhere else in order to provide that service. That is exactly what RP proposes. Also, he’s trying to say that FEMA is destructive in the notion that it has given us the feeling that if something bad happens, it’s ok, FEMA will come rescue us. FEMA is just another flawed central planning system that is corrupt and financially unstable. RP doesn’t think that people in natural disasters shouldn’t be aided or rescued, in fact that’s another opposition he holds to our National Guard units being deployed in the Middle East. He criticizes government funded insurance companies for promoting homebuilding in flood-prone areas, pointing out that this is not what insurance should be about. Insurance is an assessment of risk, it is not something that should stimulate you to build a home in an environmentally dangerous zone.

It’s people like Malloy, who rely so much on taxpayers to provide for big, welfare programs such as FEMA, who aren’t able to grasp the whole picture. They think that people aren’t capable of providing for themselves so we need big government programs to do everything for us, even big government programs that are going broke and failing to provide.

FEMA Is Faulted on Aid After Hurricane Ike

FEMA Fails (This Time) In Alabama

FEMA Puts long-term rebuilding on hold after Irene

FEMA Fails Katrina Victims

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Oh, zank God fer snoodles!

With all the recent talk about the debt ceiling, central banking, the federal reserve, the gold standard, the crash of the dollar, interest rates, and inflation, I think that people get twisted up in all these terms and decide to just step out of the circus. We know what they are all talking about, and at the same time we don’t have the slightest clue.

I’m going to try and give a simple example of what has happened to the value of the dollar. Hopefully, this will help you understand why Ron Paul has been Captain End the Fed for so long.

Let’s say that we live in the cozy little village of Dinglehoffer. Now, what we use to exchange goods and services in Dinglehoffer is snoodles. The amount of snoodles that it costs to buy certain items is based off of the fact that there is only a certain amount of snoodles, and they are backed by a real asset (like gold.) Now let’s say one day, everyone has double the amount of snoodles, and no one knows why. This is great right! “Oh, zank ze heavens, more snoooodles fer everone!” So now everyone wants to run out and buy all of the floogerdoodles that they could never afford before. This is fine at first, until floogerdoodles are running low. Now the floogerdoodle maker has to raise the price of floogerdoodles because the demand for them is higher. So now, it costs more snoodles for the same floogerdoodles. Therefore, the value of a snoodle is less than it was before. Savvy?

(Can you tell that I have recently made multiple trips to Ikea??)

Printing more money with the same amount of assets backing it (or none at all!) is bad. It is a technique used to make rich bankers and people on Wallstreet richer, but it makes us poorer. The dollars that we work hard for are worth less. That is inflation. And that is why Ron Paul feels that the gold standard is the only true source of sound money. He feels that if we don’t back money by something real, like gold, we will just print our way into a hole that we can’t snoodle our way out of.

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Farmer’s Market

This morning Brett and I went to a local farmer’s market with a few others from a Houston meetup group. It was interesting. When we first got there, we just kind of jumped in.

It didn’t take long for the guy who runs the market to come and tell us that it was privately owned and they don’t allow political parties inside. He was actually really cool. He knew quite a bit about Ron Paul and generally, he supported him. We talked with him for a bit about how the market was doing in response to the drought. Then, he mentioned that he’d been hearing talk about new laws that would require all family farmers to possess a CDL in order to operate their own tractors on their own private property. Not even that, everyone on their farm would have to have a CDL as well. If you haven’t heard about this yet, the UN plan for Agenda 21 would give the federal government even more control in regulating local farms and their business. Basically, the Department of Transportation has reclassified tractors and other farm equipment as Commercial Motor Vehicles. This is just another way to push out small, local farmers to make more room for big farm corporations.

After talking with him for a while, we moved on to the entrance of the market. We figured this would be the best spot to start testing the waters. There were a lot of people that were familiar with Ron Paul and had a good idea what he stood for. Whenever someone would tell me that they loved Ron and had been supporting him all along, I felt like I had met another undercover member of a secret society. It was as if knowing eyes could tell it all. That was extremely exciting for us.

What upset me the most about the day was not the people that didn’t know who Ron Paul was, or even the people that didn’t like him, but the people who were convinced that they were NOT voting for him without knowing a single thing about him, or even knowing anything about the person that they were supporting. The unfortunate thing is that this is the norm for  a lot of people. You know, I really can’t be mad at the people who don’t know who he is. It wasn’t long ago that I was no different from them. And, like everyone else, my ideas are developing more and more everyday. I’m still learning too, and what a learning experience this was.

My favorite experience for the day was a young guy, maybe in his early thirties. I spotted him walking down the sidewalk and I started my spiel. “Hi, how are you. Are you familiar with Ron Paul?” He stopped and told me that he knew who he was.

“Yeah, he seems like a pretty cool guy. But he’s not really good for me, I work for the government. I’m a teacher.” I started planting my seed.

“Well, just because he doesn’t support federal education doesn’t mean that your job or worth as a good teacher would be compromised. It would change quite a bit, but for the better.” Ron Paul doesn’t support education at the federal level. Something has happened to our education system, something bad. Tons of money is dumped into public education while we see very little benefit in the outcome. It kind of reminds me of a dreaded trip to the DMV. You know that you are going to be there forever and a day and that the people that work there aren’t going to give a hoot about you. They deal with way too many people in one day and they don’t make enough money to try any harder. There is no incentive for them to be more efficient or help people quicker. At the end of the day, they are making the same amount of money whether they try to help as many, or as few people as they want. Therefore, service is sl0w and tedious, and so is most government funded sectors, teachers included.

Now, I’m not saying that as a person, he doesn’t have incentive to be a good teacher, especially because he is young and has young kids himself. But think about when you were in high school. How many teachers did you have that really cared, and invested themselves in making you a better person? I had some, no doubt, but they were few and far between.

What Ron Paul supports is an idea that instead of just automatically districting kids to schools we give their parents a choice in where they want them to get their education from. For example, here in Texas, school districts get a certain amount of money based off of how many kids are districted to go to their school. They get this money whether the kids have a good experience or not. Ron Paul would like to change this. He believes it would be much more effective to allow the kids to choose which school that they want to go to, and therefore, which school will be given money for that student. What this idea does is make schools and teachers compete for students. So, all of the students are going to want to go to the best teachers and it will really weed out a lot of the bad ones. Good teachers will become much more valuable and bad teachers will not.

I really enjoyed talking with him, he was so open to listening to new ideas. For the most part, people were. I found that the easiest way to gauge people was to ask, if they weren’t supporting RP, who were they interested in. This was an easy way to figure out what their interests were. Basically, I would just try to exhaust every angle from that point on, anything to keep them listening to me for just a minute longer.

After spending a few hours in front of the market in 104 degree Texas heat, I can honestly say I was pretty spent. I realized that there was definitely a lot of work to do. Maybe I just changed one or two opinions today, but maybe they will change one or two opinions themselves, and so on and so on.

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