Reagan Library Debate

While it was easy to be frustrated after Ron Paul was ignored for the whole Reagan Library debate on Wednesday, as usual, this is the nature of the game. I mean, four questions in two hours?? Whatever, he still managed to beat everyone else in the online polls. It certainly wasn’t shocking to see them snub him again as they have so many times before. The purpose of the debate that night was to promote Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as the two biggest candidates.

Speaking of Rick Perry, what kind of grown man that is hoping to be the next President of the United States, goes on national television and says he doesn’t believe in science? He says he doesn’t support science because it’s inconclusive. Ok so he doesn’t believe in science, but he does however, believe in cancer research, including mandating HPV vaccines for twelve year old girls. Doesn’t that count as science? He opposes abortion, but then he supports the death penalty. Which, by the way, I have to point out how creepy the audience reaction was to that question. Why were those people in the audience cheering? Brian Williams asked Perry if out of all the 234 people that have been executed in the state of Texas, he ever worried that someone might have been innocent. He explained that of course he never worries about that. Oh yes, because we all know how flawless our judicial system is! Regardless, the audience was applauding his response to how many people are convicted to the death penalty in Texas. That’s a bit unsettling. It was obvious that this was his first time in the debates because he had a very difficult time answering questions. I’m not sure whether this was due to inexperience or lack of intelligence, but I suspect it was a combination of the two. When RP confronted him about how he supported Hillarycare, Perry’s response was to bring up a letter Ron Paul wrote to Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Ugh, nice try Rick. Needless to say, his big debate debut was a flop. I hardly think his ignorant, good ol’ boy approach to the issues is what the people will respect. Here are some pictures that were taken during a commercial break. Apparently Perry had some choice words with Ron Paul. All I can say is if he grabbed my arm and stuck his finger in my face, I would have to snap it off and shove it up his ass for him. What a jerk!

Rick keepin' it classy

Mitt Romney was his usual self, greased up and ready to go. True to fashion, he dodged questions about his health care plan as he always does. I’m not sure how much time was wasted on the bickering between him and Perry, but I can only hope that the general public will notice where the network’s priorities lie. He also mentioned something about how not enough people in this country pay taxes. I thought he had just released a new plan that will reduce taxes? I guess he’s still got his flippy floppies on.

Bachmann was a snooze this go-around. Looks like her little Iowa high is over. All she did was repeat points that Ron Paul had already made and talk about her 700 foster children.

Newt makes me laugh every time because he’s snappy with the mediators. While it was nice of him to bring up how Republicans should all support each other and ring-around-the-rosey so that at least one of them is elected, it shows that it’s more important for him that a Republican resume office than for the issues we are caught in to be resolved. It’s not the most important thing for just any Republican to win the election. Another idiot president is another idiot president, whether Democrat or Republican. And that is something we simply cannot afford!

Santorum was just as forgettable as always. His podium keeps getting farther and farther out of view. I think next time it will be in an electrical closet or something. He reminds me of the stapler guy from Office Space that gets fired but nobody tells him so he just keeps showing up.

I like Herman Cain, and even some of his ideas. He just doesn’t have what it takes.

And Jon Huntsman doesn’t have a shot in hell.

The reason why it’s so frustrating when they blackball Ron Paul like this is because I know exactly why they do it. It’s so obvious. He is way too smart and he knows way too much and these news stations can’t handle that. They want to promote the other candidates for their own personal interests. They don’t ask RP the more difficult questions because they know that he will blow them all out of the water. I was happy to see Ron backtrack at one point when finally given an opportunity to speak. He called them out on the fact that he spent his career as a medical doctor yet they wouldn’t dare ask him a question about health care. Then they all want to sit there and squabble over immigration issues, but RP is the only one intelligent enough to connect the dots and explain that we are going to continue having immigration problems so long as we keep giving immigration benefits. There is not one candidate up there that was equipped to go against him on any of those issues. There is not one candidate up there that even knows enough about the issues! I mean these people are honestly dubbing and blurbing what they have heard and repeating it back to us. I could do that! That’s why they skip him all the time, because if they include him in the hard questions he makes everyone else look bad. It’s fine though, we will keep working just as hard!

Here’s a clip from the death penalty question with Rick Perry.

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