What kind of name is Dannel, anyways?

Today on American Morning, Christine Romans interviewed Governor of Connecticut Dannel Malloy. Malloy explained the hardships that the state is currently going through after Hurricane Irene last weekend. Romans asked Malloy how he felt about Ron Paul’s latest comments about the failing efforts of FEMA, and Malloy said he thinks he is an idiot. I think Dannel Malloy is an idiot.

Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I am no stranger to hurricanes. I cannot count how many major hurricanes have hit Florida in the last twenty years. (Hurricane Andrew, Charlie, Francis, Wilma, to name drop a few.) Even more than that, I spent the last year living in Galveston, which was absolutely destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008. I mean destroyed. The island is still not the same. Can I tell you that there are people in Galveston who are just now, or have not even, gotten reimbursements from FEMA to rebuild their houses.

After Hurricane Katrina, FEMA was late and uprepared (I think we can all remember the stories about the Superdome conditions.) After Hurricane Ike, food and water operations were reported to be very inefficient. Rebuilding efforts after the devastating tornadoes in Joplin Missouri have been put on hold. The worst part is that most people don’t realize that the majority of the people who apply for help after these disasters are denied.

Forgive me if I’m critical on someone who has probably just experienced the first hurricane of his life and considers himself an expert on FEMA. To give you a good idea of what kind of politician he is, I’ll remind you that he supports progressive social measures and suffers from low approval ratings in his own state due to relying heavily on tax increases instead of spending cuts. Ron Paul has been Congressman of a Gulf Coast district for twelve terms. I would bet the farm that he is pretty familiar with the nuts and bolts of FEMA, as well as its shortcomings.

Malloy said, “For someone who’s state has actually escaped this problem, for someone in Texas to be talking about FEMA, perhaps being defunded does rise to idiocy, perhaps hypocrisy. What state has benefited more than Texas over the years from declarations of disasters?” He is obviously not aware that RP votes against more FEMA money in his district. This proves that Malloy is too obtuse to understand the point that Ron Paul is trying to make. RP understands that FEMA has to get it’s money from somewhere, and for a program that can’t afford to be spending like this we have to make cuts somewhere else in order to provide that service. That is exactly what RP proposes. Also, he’s trying to say that FEMA is destructive in the notion that it has given us the feeling that if something bad happens, it’s ok, FEMA will come rescue us. FEMA is just another flawed central planning system that is corrupt and financially unstable. RP doesn’t think that people in natural disasters shouldn’t be aided or rescued, in fact that’s another opposition he holds to our National Guard units being deployed in the Middle East. He criticizes government funded insurance companies for promoting homebuilding in flood-prone areas, pointing out that this is not what insurance should be about. Insurance is an assessment of risk, it is not something that should stimulate you to build a home in an environmentally dangerous zone.

It’s people like Malloy, who rely so much on taxpayers to provide for big, welfare programs such as FEMA, who aren’t able to grasp the whole picture. They think that people aren’t capable of providing for themselves so we need big government programs to do everything for us, even big government programs that are going broke and failing to provide.

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2 Responses to What kind of name is Dannel, anyways?

  1. Ben Caulder says:

    Hi Ron Paul Girl,

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. How did you find my blog? Did you find it on Ron Paul Forums? We should link to eachothers blogs. I already have a links section on my home page, and your site is linked in there. Thanks 🙂

  2. ronpaulgirl says:

    Thanks! Yes I found it on Ron Paul forums. I will set up links on my blog too. 🙂

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