Herman Cain’s new creeper ad

If you haven’t see Herman Cain’s confusing new ad, check it out

What the shit is this??? This is his groundbreaking new ad? What is with his creepy face at the end? And Mark Block, his Chief of Staff, haven’t I seen that guy on To Catch A Predator? This is who the media is promoting as the big frontrunner right now? Sheesh, thanks but no thanks!

There have been some pretty big developments with Ron Paul, however. Ever since he released his new Restore America plan more and more people have been rallying behind him. Sure the critics will say that his plan is too drastic because he plans to cut $1 trillion the first year, but people are starting to come out of the woodwork and support him. Paul proposes to cut big government agencies that are deficient and costly to American citizens– Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and Education. He also wants to greatly reduce military spending. (Keep in mind that there is a profound difference between military spending and defense.) Naysayers like to make it seem like the only way that we can balance the budget is through raised taxes, but Ron Paul is literally the only one who is proposing to actually CUT spending and bureaucratic departments. He is the only candidate that is not just talking about “spending, spending, spending”. He gets it. Why is the burden always on the taxpayers to restore the economy when it is the big, greedy bureaucracies that destroyed it in the first place? The other candidates are trying to attack his plan, but as usual, they stay pretty surface. I couldn’t believe my ears when I discovered that Rush Limbaugh recently endorsed him, saying he thought that his plan is the only one that will work. Sean Hannity also endorsed him and his new budget cuts, and Sarah Palin endorsed his position on international militarism. This is good news! People are starting to come around.

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