Romney’s flavor of the week

This weekend Mitt Romney will be on the Tea Party Express bus tour in New Hampshire to join the “Restore America” tour. Whhhat? Since when is Romney a part of the tea party?! He has never participated in anything tea party and all of the sudden he wants to join the tea party train? This guy is such a joke, I can’t believe he is still being taken seriously. He reminds me of a mix between Guy Smiley from the Muppet Babies and Zoolander. Weird. I think it’s apparent that he will swing whichever way the wind blows for some extra votes.

If you want to know what kind of politician he is, here are just a few examples that should really show his character:

He constantly criticizes how President Obama’s programs have failed Americans, even though Obamacare was modeled after his own health care plan for the state of Massachusetts. He has since made great efforts to evade questions about health care in debates and interviews. If you are not familiar with this, simply google Obamneycare, or his healthcare plan for Massachusetts.

Several months ago, he stated that he supports military action in Libya and sending American troops there.

Then in June he said we need to “bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can.” This should demonstrate how disjointed his understanding of foreign policy is. I’m looking at his campaign website right now and under his Foreign Policy page it says that “The United States faces numerous challenges abroad. China is emerging, Russia is resurgent, and radical, violent jihadists seek our destruction. We must rise to these challenges to preserve our interests and promote peace.” So which is it, Mitt? This is the last kind of president we need right now, we can’t afford any more screw ups in foreign policy.

During the debt-ceiling debate back in July, Romney was no where to be found. He copped out of the entire issue until the very last day and then voiced his opposition to the final decision. Then he immediately slammed Obama saying it was all his fault, and in true Romney style, in another interview, said it wasn’t all his fault.

He is a very weak debater. I think you will notice that he relies heavily on ducking and dodging questions in every single debate. He has many times rolled over in debates to McCain, Huckabee, and Paul. I have seen him bow down in interviews to local reporters. Impressive. We really need someone with some fire, we need someone with ideas and values that they believe in and that they are willing to stand up for no matter who they are talking to. The last thing I want is some slicked up pussycat with my future in his hands. Seriously, he is the kind of guy who probably gets mani/pedis with his wife. Gross.

Have you ever known someone that is just such a liar? I mean really, like even the stupidest lies that serve no purpose. You know, those “white lies.” That is Mitt Romney. For example, there is one interview that he boasts about what a big game hunter he has been for his entire life. Then you will find another interview where he explains that, no, he’s actually not a very big hunter, he only hunts rodents and such. What?? What an idiot. You will see him play good cop, bad cop with every issue that is pressing at the time. We need someone in office who has the intelligence and vision for what America really needs, not some guy who is trailing behind the curve. Also, you’ll notice that he is quite an opportunist. Whatever can serve him the most at the time is what he supports, which I suspect explains his newfound interest in the tea party. I have seen absolutely no integrity or ingenuity when it comes to Mitt Romney.

After being asked about an incident where he strapped his Irish setter to the roof of his car for a twelve hour road trip, he replied “PETA is not happy that my dog likes fresh air.” Lovely.

Even with the economy failing, the stock market plunge a few weeks ago, and sky high unemployment rates, Romney is currently quadrupling the size of one of his $12 million beach homes. This is a huge red flag. This guy has no understanding of the needs of Americans or how to be a leader. He has many times made jokes in interviews and press releases about being unemployed, even though he is filthy rich. No one laughs. He just doesn’t get it. He can’t relate to average Americans and I don’t trust him with our future, and neither should you.

Too bad this election isn’t only focused on lonely old ladies who just want a silver fox to vote for-he’d be a shoe-in. Fortunately, the proof is in the pudding. Let’s go back and watch some Romney videos and see where his values are.

This website is awesome Multiple Choice Mitt

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