Obama’s latest ploy

I know I have been a dirtball for not posting anything in the last month, and for that I am very sorry. There’s a lot to cover regarding what all has gone on but hopefully y’all have been following along by now.

So I guess I will start with the latest “groundbreaker.” Yesterday President Obama announced that our mission in Iraq is finished and we will be pulling out by the end of the year. Now that Moammar Gadaffi has been assassinated it is finally safe to come home from Iraq. Ah, finally! A sigh of relief….or is it? Is that it? Really? We have been in Iraq for over ten years and lost almost 5,000 American soldiers and that is our resolve? What a wash! I hate to tell you, but pulling out of Iraq is hardly an accomplishment. We are still occupying Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and most recently, Uganda. By the way, can someone please tell me what we are doing in Uganda? That smells fishy to me. I don’t think that Obama is doing us any favors by taking us out of Iraq. Honestly I think his approval ratings are so low right now that he is grabbing at anything to make people like him again. He is looking for another big headline for his name, just like the Osama Bin Laden assassination. Don’t be fooled, though. This American militarism is going to continue on an on, whether we can afford it or not, and it is going to continue to crush us.

While on the topic of militarism, I think it’s important to notice some major points with the current Republican prez candidates. As the debates are getting closer together and more concentrated, it appears that a lot of the candidates platforms are bleeding into one another. For example, pretty much everyone running has joined the End the Fed train (even our current golden boy Cain, former Federal Reserve Chairman. Be sure to google that gem if you haven’t already.) Well that’s good, at least everyone has realized how destructive the Federal Reserve has been. Also, everyone says they are all for cutting spending and lowering the debt. One area of disconnect still remains with our militarism in the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. They may say that they want to pull out of Iraq, but then they support going into Iran, or whatever the next stupid war of the week is. Ron Paul is the only guy who wants to completely pull out of everything. He is the only one that understands what all of this spending overseas has cost us, how much we have lost. He is the only one that understands that spreading ourselves so thin across the globe is really hurting us. It was just a month or two ago that Connecticut was hit by a hurricane and we had no Black Hawk helicopters because they were all in Afghanistan. People want to talk about defense right now, well how well defended are we really when all of our boys are overseas for years on end?

Why is it that so many people still support us running over to every crook and cranny of the globe to “spread democracy and the American way?” That is so stupid! Ron Paul has always raised the point “What would we say if China came over here and sat in the Gulf of Mexico?” I mean, really, we would have a kanipshin! So why do we think that the rest of the world supports us behaving that way?

And do people think money grows on trees? We are broke! I think we have all noticed by now. So why do we still support boosting other countries economies with these stupid wars. We are only hurting ourselves, wasting trillions of dollars.

The time has come to pull out of all the haphazard war efforts and concentrate on rebuilding our own economy. Ron Paul has always emphasized the Constitution, and how dangerous it is to ignore it. It is unconstitutional to go to war without a declaration of war, and this is exactly why. It was written so because if you go into one war without a declaration of war then you will go into another without a declaration of war. And then another and then another. And the wars don’t end. As the world turns there will be another to replace Gadaffi and Bin Laden, and the cycles will continue. What do you think our role in the world is? I mean really think about it. Is it really our place to continue overextending ourselves like this? Do we feel any safer for it? What are we gaining? What have we gained from ten years and over4,500 men lost in Iraq? You decide.

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