Herman’s jig is up!!!

Once again it has been a while since my last post, please forgive.

With that being said I guess the most obvious groundbreaker in the GOP slew is that Hermie has officially cancelled his campaign. For months now, women have been coming out of the wood work professing their scandalous relations with the Godfather of pizza. At first I thought it was kind of amusing, especially when I noticed how closely Bialek resemebled Stiffler’s mom from American pie. I guess he likes the pampered house kitty look…

They could be bobsies!

Anyhoo, Cain was doing a pretty good job shushing all the rumors…until this last one, Ginger White, came out and professed their thirteen year affair. The way things have shaped up he could give Tiger a run for his money! This time, however, Cain couldn’t recover and had to close up shop.

All jokes aside, while it was mildly amusing to witness the Cain Train coming out one by one, it’s ironic that Cain is destroyed by this when Newt has been no stranger to cheating. That fat cat has a long list of infidelity over the years. In fact, he was pretty famous for serving his cancer-stricken first wife divorce papers while in the hospital to go shack up with his mistress. Classy. Especially for a guy who wants to talk about his family values campaign. Spare me! Regardless, we don’t elect Presidents based off of loyalty in their marriage (I think Clinton cleared the way for that!), we elect them for their honest voting record and their resolve to protect us. Right?

You’d be surprised… I’m a little frustrated because over the last few weeks I have talked with a lot of random friends over where they stand with the upcoming elections, and I have found a lot of similar responses when I mention Ron Paul.

“Oh yeah, I love Ron Paul. He’ll never win, though.”

Seriously, what the hell is that? People tell me how brilliant they think he is and point by point why they like him, and then say they’ll probably just vote for Romney or something. This just blows my mind. What kind of mentality is that? What’s even worse, if I pry for more detail on why Romney or Gingrich, they have no answer for me. Just because.

He can win. If you vote for him! Ron Paul is in second place in Iowa and third place in New Hampshire. This is awesome! He has gained so much momentum recently. Not only that, he has been very steady throughout this entire race. He means what he says and his philosophy is unwavering. I think that we honestly have a really good chance.

Another point of contempt I have is when I hear people say that they like him for his domestic policy and economic plans, but they don’t support his beliefs on foreign policy. Let me explain something. If you support his domestic policy and his economics, then you support the same foreign policy. The reason being is that we cannot afford to maintain these stupid wars and endless ventures overseas. If you want to improve things here at home, you have to scale back the size of government as well as cut back money spent abroad. These two ideas run hand in hand.

It’s important now more than ever to stay strong in this race. Please continue the fight for Ron and for liberty!

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