An Homage to Bill O’Reilly

My previous post has inspired me to post some of Bill O’Reilly’s finer television moments on “the war on drugs.” Thank god for the O’Reilly Factor, haha.

Seriously, this guy loves getting pounded on his own show.

He even enjoys spankings from high school kids…

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A Hemphasis on Hemp

Ah, the days of pooka shells and hemp necklaces will forever be a cherished memory… In a way it’s ironic that most of our experiences with hemp are coupled with the awkward tween years of braces, pimples, curfews, and bad decisions…did I say that?! While this may be the extent of most people’s understanding of hemp, the reality of its uses is far greater.

I’m sure a lot of people have heard of RP as the guy that wants to legalize marijuana. At least, that’s how the Bill O’Reillys of the world describe him. Ron Paul wants to end the prohibition of marijuana, which is quite different than just legalizing it.

What is even more important than ending the prohibition of marijuana, is the fact that if we let our civil liberties become violated in one area, we risk them being upheld altogether. In addition to the fact that the “war on drugs” is failing miserably, this notion that drugs are bad is poisoning a lot of other personal freedoms that we should be fighting to protect. Hemp is just one example of how out of control this idea is.

Hemp plants and marijuana plants are apples and oranges. They have very different characteristics, and obviously, uses. You can’t even get high if you smoke hemp! The reality is that hemp is an extraordinary crop, with seemingly endless uses and possibilities. Its products include ethanol, food, clothes, paper, twine, building materials, and, dare I say, fuel?! So why, must I ask, is it not even legal to farm hemp in the United States? Since the 1930’s, hemp has been vilified, along with marijuana, while petroleum has been promoted as the most important industry. On top of that, we give giant piles of money to agribusiness for inferior crops, such as corn. It doesn’t make any sense to me that we ban a giant industry that has been significant throughout the course of history. Hemp could be a huge source of jobs and commerce for Americans, yet it remains outlawed. What a shame.

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Ron Paul 2012 Re-Cut Handout


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The Treason Trap

I’ve officially had enough Rick Perryisms for awhile. (If you don’t already know, that’s a loose term that we use every time he makes a jackass comment.) He can’t take credit for all of Texas’ greatness. Texas is a great big state chock full of very independent people who work hard for themselves. And if there is anything you can say about Texans, it’s that they don’t like the government controlling what they do, Governor included.

Can someone please tell me when Rick Perry became so concerned with the fed printing money? Isn’t this the guy who sold Texas roads to Spain and turned them into toll roads? Wasn’t he trying to pass a law where all sixth grade girls in the state of Texas had to get a HPV vaccine, whether they liked it or not? And he’s talking about treason? His comments of treason are nothing but theatrics to gain a little attention, like a child stomping their feet at someone else’s birthday party. That’s fine, he can’t ride on Ron Paul’s coat tails for long. He is no different than any of the other candidates, picking and choosing RP’s arguments and then infiltrating them into their own uninspiring platforms of personal interest.

This is nothing new, though. They have all been discrediting Ron Paul and what he says for years. Then they shut him out of the media and regurgitate all of his ideas. If you haven’t already seen, or don’t remember some of the 2008 debates, I think that you should watch them again. I think you should watch some of the things that RP says and how he is treated. Now, almost four years later, what do you think about his message in 2008?

More on the Texas tolls: NAFTA Super HighwayRick Perry Super Highway Problem

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Subsidization Exhortation!

We have gotten so out of touch with our food supply that it’s starting to get scary. The average American could probably tell me all the gross details of Kim Kardashian’s ridiculous wedding, but not have the slightest idea what a potato, carrot, onion, or any other plant that we eat looks like. We have no idea where our vegetables come from, or who is growing them. Even worse, there are constantly arguments about the safety of the chemicals that are now common practice in our crops. It won’t be long until a potato holds about the same health benefits as a cup of Windex!

Potato plant

Onion plants

Carrot plant

We can make a difference in what we consume. We need to take back our crops and get big government’s greedy fingers out of farming operations. It’s about time that we stop letting big business control our crop and produce market. Virtually all produce that we consume is product of a vicious genetically modified seed/pesticide-infused cycle that is nothing but bad news for the consumer. One of the ways that we can stop this monopoly over our crops is to stop supporting farm subsidies. These subsidies do the exact opposite of helping mom and pop farmers. The only people that benefit from these programs are the big, fat-cat corporate farms whose interests are not in our favor (to say the least!) In fact, want to know which one of our darling GOP front-runners has been sucking the subsidy teet? Our very dear Congresswoman Bachmann!

Bachmann has been receiving something over $250,000 the last few years for her family farm. Hmmm…

A lot of government subsidy money doesn’t even go to farmers or farm workers at all, but to big landowners. Non-farm landowners are shoveling our tax dollars into their pockets for doing absolutely nothing at all. Meanwhile, in-the-family farms that have been around for years and years are closing up shop, only to be scooped up by the corporate farming cartel. We end up paying more and eating worse.

Ron Paul does not support farm subsidies that collect money from taxpayers and then turn around and rip us off in our local grocery stores. He sees the corruption that arises when we allow big government programs to infiltrate our farm system (and nearly everything else, for that matter.) By supporting Ron Paul and getting rid of farm subsidies we can take control of our farms and the food that we eat!

You can see for yourself where farm subsidy money is going at Environmental Working Group.

Bachmann\’s had her share of federal aid

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Tax Free Tips!

I spent my better college years bartending. I had a lot of (too much) fun and made a ton of money. For all of my friends who are bartenders and cocktail servers, if for no other reason, you should support Ron Paul because he wants YOU to keep all of the money you make. All of those big, fat daddy tips! We all know that we make all of our money from tips, not the chimp change we get paid for hourly. Dr. Paul wants to eliminate federal and payroll taxes from your tips! If you want more deets you can see for yourself at TAX FREE TIPS.

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Mangu-Ward can suck it

There was a segment on the Willis Report a few days ago which featured a couple of commentators on whether or not Ron Paul has been ignored by the media, etc, etc. There were two women on the show to speak on the issue, Liz Trotta, who is a Fox News commentator, and Katherine Mangu-Ward, Senior Editor for Reason Magazine.

Reason Magazine is a Libertarian-based magazine.. Which is why I’m confused that Mangu-Ward decided that she would go on the Willis Report and label Ron Paul as not electable, and then go even further to call him a fringe candidate. Hmmm… For a magazine that’s motto is “Free Minds and Free Markets,” I found this a little peculiar. Does an interest in personal liberties, sound money, bringing the troops home, and following the Constitution make someone a fringe candidate? I think she is writing for the wrong magazine. I decided to email her asking her some questions about what exactly she meant on the Willis Report, and am eagerly awaiting her reply. Here is the clip:

I think we can all agree that the only thing worse than looking at her face is hearing what she has to say.

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Ron Paul Watch Party

Last Thursday, my boyfriend Brett and I, attended a Ron Paul watch-party at Ragin Cajun’s in Houston for the Ames, Iowa debates. I was a little nervous at first because I had never done anything like this before. When we arrived there was probably about 10 or 12 people already there. Being the fatty ding-dongs that I am, I knew right away that I wanted raw oysters for sure, and also an entire bucket of crawdads. No sooner after I had ordered, a lot more people came in. I started to panic when I saw the giant, sloppy bucket of crawdads and how my wing-flapping space was getting smaller and smaller. I spent the next twenty minutes schlepping crawdad juice all over myself while more and more people showed up. By the end of it all, I had enough Cajun seasoning on my face to be mistaken for a chimney sweep.

The first person to sit down with us was a young guy from Oklahoma, maybe 24 or 25. He had been following RP for a long time and even did the Freedom March in D.C. back in 2008. Next was a married couple about our age. The girl wasted no time in securing a rum and coke, and quickly explained this was their only night out from their baby. I couldn’t help but smile and think how, on their only night out, they made a point to come watch the debate. Then came another guy who runs a different support group in the Houston area. They had all known each other and spent some time discussing some of their recent meetings. As I looked around the room I couldn’t believe how many young people were there. It was certainly a diverse crowd, but there were a lot of people in my age group who were also interested and excited about the debate.

About two beers later my belly was full and everyone had settled in. I could care less about the crawdad juice all over the sleeves of my shirt. Now that I had replenished my blood sugar, I was feeling as friendly as could be. Brett and I always thought the debates were fun, and would even watch them with friends sometimes, but this idea had never occurred to us before. When Ron Paul finally was given opportunities to speak, he really nailed it, and everyone in the room cheered him on. It was so exciting!

I had no idea that it could be this easy to join other people who are just as excited about Ron Paul. I just wanted to share how much fun it was in case any one else may be interested in jumping in there!

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites like Meetup are great ways to arrange meetings for people with similar interests. For anyone that’s interested, there are tons of groups just like this that are organizing all around the country.

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Ames Debate

I’d like to think that I’m sophisticated enough to hold an intellectual conversation without ridiculing others at their own expense. However, that’s not the case. Therefore, I am going to take a moment to make fun of everyone’s behavior at the Ames Debate.

I was quite entertained by Pawlenty this time around. He seemed to have his sassy panties on and was incessantly heckling Bachmann and Romney like a naggy step-brother. Moneybags Romney was as greased up as ever, slipping out of one question after another. And Bachmann, that self-promoting squawk box, annoys me more than any of the others. Santorum was cry-baby of the night, whining again and again about how his feelings are hurt that no one pays any attention to him. As for Gingrich..not sure what it is but the way he is always lazily leaned up against his podium makes me picture him as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"I wish you would put aside all the gotcha questions"

More than the first half of the debate was spent focusing on stupid squabbles between Bachmann and Pawlenty, Pawlenty and Romney, etc., etc. The speakers were obviously not looking to spend any extra time on Ron Paul. It was apparent that the petty mudslinging of the “top-tier” morons was the meat of this debate. I have to say the top tier reminded me of an old South Park episode, which is why I’ve decided to share this song with you.

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Ron Paul is my Homeboy

Back a few years ago, if you had told me that I would be sitting here starting a blog about my political views, I would have found that about as likely as getting a face tat. If someone had even forced me to start a blog my top topics would probably be something like kittens, fart sounds, people that annoy me, and my on-again, off-again relationship with tequila (Alas, maybe another day!) But then something happened to me. I went from being a 20 something year old girl totally disinterested in anything politico, to being completely enamored by the message of one very special man.

There is something funny about Ron Paul, he really stands out. Normally, whenever I tried to pay attention to some of these political figures and their views, it would seem like a train wreck. I found myself tangled in the web of “well, these two guys are ok but this one has crappy medical programs and what is that one even talking about?!..and why is this one trying to raise my taxes!?”…Sheesh. I would rather waste my brain cells on whichever gaggle of Housewives is on tv right now. Then it all changed. (Well.. I still waste brain cells on squawking housewives.)

The reason why it is so easy to love and follow Ron Paul is because he doesn’t pick and choose his topics. He doesn’t stand on a platform of such and such ideas. He has a philosophy based on personal liberty, and he follows it. Everything becomes so simple once you realize that. It is the single reason why he has been unwavering on his views for almost thirty years! I mean, I can’t find a single one of those other dudes who has been unwavering from one day to the next, and they say he is the crazy one!?

I don’t want to jam him down everyone’s throat, because you have to come around in your own way. I just want to post a few comments and opinions here and there, maybe some videos, and hope that other people just like me will come around. I’m just here to spread a little RP love.

On another note:  While his results in Iowa over the weekend were definitely impressive, the media toads skimping over him like a hot potato was not, nor was it surprising. They have been pulling this crap since the 2008 elections. However, something good did come out of it. I’d like to give a great big hip hooray to Jon Stewart for his segment on the RP media blackout. Finally someone called them out and it seems to be drawing a lot of attention! Click here if you haven’t seen it…

Corn-Polled Edition

(By the way…has any one ever googled the word Santorum before? hehe..)

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