The Treason Trap

I’ve officially had enough Rick Perryisms for awhile. (If you don’t already know, that’s a loose term that we use every time he makes a jackass comment.) He can’t take credit for all of Texas’ greatness. Texas is a great big state chock full of very independent people who work hard for themselves. And if there is anything you can say about Texans, it’s that they don’t like the government controlling what they do, Governor included.

Can someone please tell me when Rick Perry became so concerned with the fed printing money? Isn’t this the guy who sold Texas roads to Spain and turned them into toll roads? Wasn’t he trying to pass a law where all sixth grade girls in the state of Texas had to get a HPV vaccine, whether they liked it or not? And he’s talking about treason? His comments of treason are nothing but theatrics to gain a little attention, like a child stomping their feet at someone else’s birthday party. That’s fine, he can’t ride on Ron Paul’s coat tails for long. He is no different than any of the other candidates, picking and choosing RP’s arguments and then infiltrating them into their own uninspiring platforms of personal interest.

This is nothing new, though. They have all been discrediting Ron Paul and what he says for years. Then they shut him out of the media and regurgitate all of his ideas. If you haven’t already seen, or don’t remember some of the 2008 debates, I think that you should watch them again. I think you should watch some of the things that RP says and how he is treated. Now, almost four years later, what do you think about his message in 2008?

More on the Texas tolls: NAFTA Super HighwayRick Perry Super Highway Problem

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