Subsidization Exhortation!

We have gotten so out of touch with our food supply that it’s starting to get scary. The average American could probably tell me all the gross details of Kim Kardashian’s ridiculous wedding, but not have the slightest idea what a potato, carrot, onion, or any other plant that we eat looks like. We have no idea where our vegetables come from, or who is growing them. Even worse, there are constantly arguments about the safety of the chemicals that are now common practice in our crops. It won’t be long until a potato holds about the same health benefits as a cup of Windex!

Potato plant

Onion plants

Carrot plant

We can make a difference in what we consume. We need to take back our crops and get big government’s greedy fingers out of farming operations. It’s about time that we stop letting big business control our crop and produce market. Virtually all produce that we consume is product of a vicious genetically modified seed/pesticide-infused cycle that is nothing but bad news for the consumer. One of the ways that we can stop this monopoly over our crops is to stop supporting farm subsidies. These subsidies do the exact opposite of helping mom and pop farmers. The only people that benefit from these programs are the big, fat-cat corporate farms whose interests are not in our favor (to say the least!) In fact, want to know which one of our darling GOP front-runners has been sucking the subsidy teet? Our very dear Congresswoman Bachmann!

Bachmann has been receiving something over $250,000 the last few years for her family farm. Hmmm…

A lot of government subsidy money doesn’t even go to farmers or farm workers at all, but to big landowners. Non-farm landowners are shoveling our tax dollars into their pockets for doing absolutely nothing at all. Meanwhile, in-the-family farms that have been around for years and years are closing up shop, only to be scooped up by the corporate farming cartel. We end up paying more and eating worse.

Ron Paul does not support farm subsidies that collect money from taxpayers and then turn around and rip us off in our local grocery stores. He sees the corruption that arises when we allow big government programs to infiltrate our farm system (and nearly everything else, for that matter.) By supporting Ron Paul and getting rid of farm subsidies we can take control of our farms and the food that we eat!

You can see for yourself where farm subsidy money is going at Environmental Working Group.

Bachmann\’s had her share of federal aid

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