Mangu-Ward can suck it

There was a segment on the Willis Report a few days ago which featured a couple of commentators on whether or not Ron Paul has been ignored by the media, etc, etc. There were two women on the show to speak on the issue, Liz Trotta, who is a Fox News commentator, and Katherine Mangu-Ward, Senior Editor for Reason Magazine.

Reason Magazine is a Libertarian-based magazine.. Which is why I’m confused that Mangu-Ward decided that she would go on the Willis Report and label Ron Paul as not electable, and then go even further to call him a fringe candidate. Hmmm… For a magazine that’s motto is “Free Minds and Free Markets,” I found this a little peculiar. Does an interest in personal liberties, sound money, bringing the troops home, and following the Constitution make someone a fringe candidate? I think she is writing for the wrong magazine. I decided to email her asking her some questions about what exactly she meant on the Willis Report, and am eagerly awaiting her reply. Here is the clip:

I think we can all agree that the only thing worse than looking at her face is hearing what she has to say.

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