Ron Paul Watch Party

Last Thursday, my boyfriend Brett and I, attended a Ron Paul watch-party at Ragin Cajun’s in Houston for the Ames, Iowa debates. I was a little nervous at first because I had never done anything like this before. When we arrived there was probably about 10 or 12 people already there. Being the fatty ding-dongs that I am, I knew right away that I wanted raw oysters for sure, and also an entire bucket of crawdads. No sooner after I had ordered, a lot more people came in. I started to panic when I saw the giant, sloppy bucket of crawdads and how my wing-flapping space was getting smaller and smaller. I spent the next twenty minutes schlepping crawdad juice all over myself while more and more people showed up. By the end of it all, I had enough Cajun seasoning on my face to be mistaken for a chimney sweep.

The first person to sit down with us was a young guy from Oklahoma, maybe 24 or 25. He had been following RP for a long time and even did the Freedom March in D.C. back in 2008. Next was a married couple about our age. The girl wasted no time in securing a rum and coke, and quickly explained this was their only night out from their baby. I couldn’t help but smile and think how, on their only night out, they made a point to come watch the debate. Then came another guy who runs a different support group in the Houston area. They had all known each other and spent some time discussing some of their recent meetings. As I looked around the room I couldn’t believe how many young people were there. It was certainly a diverse crowd, but there were a lot of people in my age group who were also interested and excited about the debate.

About two beers later my belly was full and everyone had settled in. I could care less about the crawdad juice all over the sleeves of my shirt. Now that I had replenished my blood sugar, I was feeling as friendly as could be. Brett and I always thought the debates were fun, and would even watch them with friends sometimes, but this idea had never occurred to us before. When Ron Paul finally was given opportunities to speak, he really nailed it, and everyone in the room cheered him on. It was so exciting!

I had no idea that it could be this easy to join other people who are just as excited about Ron Paul. I just wanted to share how much fun it was in case any one else may be interested in jumping in there!

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites like Meetup are great ways to arrange meetings for people with similar interests. For anyone that’s interested, there are tons of groups just like this that are organizing all around the country.

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