Ames Debate

I’d like to think that I’m sophisticated enough to hold an intellectual conversation without ridiculing others at their own expense. However, that’s not the case. Therefore, I am going to take a moment to make fun of everyone’s behavior at the Ames Debate.

I was quite entertained by Pawlenty this time around. He seemed to have his sassy panties on and was incessantly heckling Bachmann and Romney like a naggy step-brother. Moneybags Romney was as greased up as ever, slipping out of one question after another. And Bachmann, that self-promoting squawk box, annoys me more than any of the others. Santorum was cry-baby of the night, whining again and again about how his feelings are hurt that no one pays any attention to him. As for Gingrich..not sure what it is but the way he is always lazily leaned up against his podium makes me picture him as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"I wish you would put aside all the gotcha questions"

More than the first half of the debate was spent focusing on stupid squabbles between Bachmann and Pawlenty, Pawlenty and Romney, etc., etc. The speakers were obviously not looking to spend any extra time on Ron Paul. It was apparent that the petty mudslinging of the “top-tier” morons was the meat of this debate. I have to say the top tier reminded me of an old South Park episode, which is why I’ve decided to share this song with you.

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