Ron Paul is my Homeboy

Back a few years ago, if you had told me that I would be sitting here starting a blog about my political views, I would have found that about as likely as getting a face tat. If someone had even forced me to start a blog my top topics would probably be something like kittens, fart sounds, people that annoy me, and my on-again, off-again relationship with tequila (Alas, maybe another day!) But then something happened to me. I went from being a 20 something year old girl totally disinterested in anything politico, to being completely enamored by the message of one very special man.

There is something funny about Ron Paul, he really stands out. Normally, whenever I tried to pay attention to some of these political figures and their views, it would seem like a train wreck. I found myself tangled in the web of “well, these two guys are ok but this one has crappy medical programs and what is that one even talking about?!..and why is this one trying to raise my taxes!?”…Sheesh. I would rather waste my brain cells on whichever gaggle of Housewives is on tv right now. Then it all changed. (Well.. I still waste brain cells on squawking housewives.)

The reason why it is so easy to love and follow Ron Paul is because he doesn’t pick and choose his topics. He doesn’t stand on a platform of such and such ideas. He has a philosophy based on personal liberty, and he follows it. Everything becomes so simple once you realize that. It is the single reason why he has been unwavering on his views for almost thirty years! I mean, I can’t find a single one of those other dudes who has been unwavering from one day to the next, and they say he is the crazy one!?

I don’t want to jam him down everyone’s throat, because you have to come around in your own way. I just want to post a few comments and opinions here and there, maybe some videos, and hope that other people just like me will come around. I’m just here to spread a little RP love.

On another note:  While his results in Iowa over the weekend were definitely impressive, the media toads skimping over him like a hot potato was not, nor was it surprising. They have been pulling this crap since the 2008 elections. However, something good did come out of it. I’d like to give a great big hip hooray to Jon Stewart for his segment on the RP media blackout. Finally someone called them out and it seems to be drawing a lot of attention! Click here if you haven’t seen it…

Corn-Polled Edition

(By the way…has any one ever googled the word Santorum before? hehe..)

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